Menopause and Testosterone

Women and testosterone

Women, Menopause, and Testosterone During menopause, women experience a decline in hormone levels, including oestrogen and progesterone. Interestingly, testosterone levels also decrease but at a slower rate. However, testosterone plays a role in women’s overall health, including maintaining muscle mass, bone density, and sexual well-being.  This article looks at testosterone during menopause and how it might…

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Bladder Health and the Menopause

Connection of menopause and bladder health

Bladder Health and the Menopause Bladder problems are one of the most common issues women experience when going through menopause. Until recently, menopause was a taboo subject, and women were expected to ‘put up and shut up’ about their symptoms. This blog feature takes a detailed look at how menopause can affect a woman’s bladder health, and…

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