Coil Fitting

The coil is a popular and effective contraception that is fitted into the uterus.

What is a coil?

A coil is a small, sometimes T-shaped contraceptive device that is fitted by a clinician into the patient’s uterus. There are many types of coil available. Some are hormone-based, but there are also a number of non-hormonal options available. Coils are an excellent contraceptive for the majority of women, including those who have never given birth. Highly effective, safe and well-tolerated, this type of contraceptive boasts typical-use failure rates similar to that of surgical sterilisation.


Am I a good candidate for this treatment?

It is important that you discuss your medical history and sexual lifestyle with your healthcare provider because a coil isn't right for all women.

You may be a good candidate for the coil if you:

  • want immediate pregnancy protection
  • your cervix, vagina, and internal organs are deemed healthy post examination
  • you have no known STIs or vaginal infections
  • you do not have pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
  • you are not pregnant
  • you do not have a condition that changes the shape of the uterus (such as a fibroid)
  • you do not have endometriosis

How does the treatment work?

Depending on the type you have, the coil slowly releases either copper or a hormone into the uterus, which in turn, thins its lining and prevents sperm from surviving or an egg from implanting. Following a detailed consultation and examination, the recommended coil is fitted by one of our trained nurses or doctors. The process normally only takes a few minutes but can sometimes be uncomfortable and cause some pain. However, if required paracervical block is used to reduce failure of safe introduction and relieve any pain during and shortly after insertion.
Most treatments do not require an overnight stay.

Many options including non-hormonal copper coil, Hormonal Mirena, Kyleena and Jaydess are all available, so speak to your consultant if you have a preference.


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