Labia Reduction and Refashioning

Labiaplasty Reconstuctive surgery

Labia Reduction and Refashioning A labial reduction/refashioning is a surgical procedure that reduces and changes the appearance of the inner lips of the external genitalia. Many women consider having the procedure for many reasons, but mainly to reduce the size of the labia, improve their appearance or symmetry, or reduce discomfort. For more information, please…

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Bladder Health and the Menopause

Connection of menopause and bladder health

Bladder Health and the Menopause Bladder problems are one of the most common issues women experience when going through menopause. Until recently, menopause was a taboo subject, and women were expected to ‘put up and shut up’ about their symptoms. This blog feature takes a detailed look at how menopause can affect a woman’s bladder health, and…

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Shortages

HRT shortages in the UK

A Shortage of HRT Medication, What to Do The serious impact of HRT product shortages on women cannot be underestimated. For many it is essential, to help them manage symptoms, and when they are unable to access HRT, it can have a serious effect on their quality of life. In this feature we look at…

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